Advantages of Profelt®

- Great properties of sound and shock absorption- Profelt®  can reduce the excess of engine or motor noise
- Good Thermal Insulation with a very low thermal conductivity (K Value= 0.025 W/mk @ 24C) can achieve the energy   
   saving performance
- Flammability test -  Profelt® had compiled to UL-V0, V2 and HB grade can be selected by applications
- Lightweight -by choosing the good quality fiber and the unique formulation.  Profelt ® can be the lightweight product  
   with the supreme quality and reduce production costs.
- Water Resistance & Water Absorption  - the properties of water resistance or absorption of Profelt®  can be produced
   according to the specification.
- Easy to Install- our expert engineer can design the product with the great value and easy to install
- Appearance and Durability- Profelt® provides and appearance and performance that remain unchanged  for more than
   10 years
- Recycle Materials- Profelt® made from approximately 70%- 85% recycle fibers  that can reduce land-fill